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About Us

The Pet Food Reference Manual team believes proper nutrition can add years to the life of pets. We also believe that nutrition is an important consideration for pet parents and a topic for discussion that should be lead by the veterinarians they entrust for the wellness of their pets. Our goal is to provide the tools necessary so vet clinics can take a more active role with the single most important component to the well-being of pets, proper nutrition. We continue to work with animal health clinicians, professionals, students, universities, and pet food manufacturers to provide important information for everyone involved. Pet Food Reference Manual is currently open for general use through our 'Beta version' but will eventually only be available to animal health professionals.

How It Works

Simply input the pet parent's current pet food and then select the pet food that you recommend to quickly compare important elements such as the values of Guaranteed Analysis, the source of protein, or other key ingredients crucial to the health of the pet.


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